One would be excused to have child-like thoughts of rolling in the Magwa tea plantations. They are an attraction and beauty to behold. Anybody looking for a rural retreat and getaway should consider Lusikisiki and Port St. Johns; but without a visit to the Magwa tea estate, the visit is incomplete. The up-country feel and the beauty of the place is alluring and you can relax your mind and body.
In future, Magwa plans to join the tea estate tourism, a relatively new concept in the world. We believe the always crisp weather, pure and clean air, innumerable clear mountain streams and waterfalls make Magwa a tea estate without equal.
The Magwa waterfall is pretty impressive. It is one of few waterfalls on the rugged Wild Coast that is accessible – others entail such effort to reach that they’re seldom seen by any but the most intrepid travellers.
The Magwa plantation from a bird eye view


The drive to the falls is a mere 8 kilometres and worth it just to see the river lurch off the precipice and down to the river bed in the gorge below. In parts you cannot see the bottom.


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