Our Heritage

Magwa is located in “Eastern Pondoland,” a land full of stories that remind us of times gone by. Most of these stories have been preserved orally, told from one generation to another. There is urgent need to recorded and preserve, not just the history, but the cultural richness of the Pondo people.
The known history records that between 500 and 1,200 years ago, the Pondo, a Bantu-speaking people settled all along the East coast of Southern Africa down to what is now known as Pondo land. This area was also home to nomadic San and Khoi people. Many of the Khoi were incorporated into the Pondo culture, bringing with them the three characteristic clicks that are found in the Xhosa language today. The amaPondo are one of 12 Xhosa speaking tribes.

[Story Credit and more information: http://portstjohns.org.za/history-pondoland.html]